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CS103 Core Lower Back
CS103 Core Lower Back
Training Objectives
  • Repair Core Function
  • Maintain Mobility & Symmetric Performance

          Trunk Flexion/Extension/Rotation & Lower Extremity Extension


  • Enhance Dynamic Balance

          Forward/Lateral/Backward Reaching in Sitting/Standing


  • Enhance Functional Performance

          Sit to Stand & Weight Shifting & Reaching


  • Aerobic & Endurance Performance

          Upper Extremity Rowing Training & Sit-Up

Target Groups / Applications
Middle Age Sub-Healthy Adult

﹣ Syndrome Relief

  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Shoulder & Neck Syndrome
  • Low Back Pain

﹣ Repair Core Function

﹣ Fall Prevention by Weight Shifting Training

﹣ Improve Balance Control 

﹣ Enhance Aerobic Training

Neurological Disorder

﹣ Functional Movement Training in Sitting/Standing Position

﹣ Pre-Gait Training in Sitting/Standing Position

Lab Research
Bio-Mechanic Study
Weight Shifting Study
Movement Demonstration
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