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Company Profile

Established in 2010, PMHC Co., Ltd. (Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd.) is one of the best professional companies to develop and manufacture medical rehabilitation movement therapy equipment. In alliance with leading companies in Asia and Europe, PMHC positions itself as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) providing a variety of supportive service related to design, manufacture, and after-sales service. 

Working together with public praised medical facilities, PMHC is able to continuously acquire first-hand feedback and upgrade its products based on the user’s needs. The R&D department in PMHC also uses the information as the references of developing new products. With the valuable asset from medical field, PMHC has successfully transformed itself into an OBM (Own Branding & Manufacturing) in 2013 and launched SMARC series products.

Year 2013 has been an important milestone for PMHC. With its own brand, SMARC, and distribution channel development, PMHC is poised to impact the medical rehabilitation market around the world. PMHC further entered preventive medical and anti-aging body repair exercise market by establishing a "a cloud-based big data health management system". We continuously work closely with medical doctors, physical therapists and exercise advisers for big data collection to create new therapeutic service oriented exercise business models.  SMARC makes their job more effectively and more efficiently by making all kinds of functional movement training with systematic procedure, functional movement pattern and with AI personalized exercise prescription as the standard operation procedure. As a pioneer in "Movement Therapy" and "Anti-Aging Body Repair Exercise", we welcome everyone who shares the same vision to join us and start a mutual beneficial relationship.

Introduction & Mission Statement

Our vision is being dedicated to helping users to recondition their health status. In the meantime, we want our users to be treated/trained with dignity on SMARC equipment with safety features and precise performance measurement. By quantifying treatment outcome with synchronized feedback system, SMARC equipment are the best therapeutic tools for medical professionals to achieve therapeutic/training goals with effectiveness and efficiency.


According to the research journals done by various medical centers in Japan, Taiwan, USA and Europe over the past decade, PMHC SMARC equipment and AI cloud health management system are proved to be beneficial to the following user groups:


(1)  Sub-healthy adults

To relief various syndromes and enhance physical condition to prevent from injury for sub-healthy adults


(2)  Geriatric group

To Repair body function, to recondition and improve functional capacity, such as balance, flexibility and coordination as well as recognition, resulting in reducing fall risk for senior citizens

(3)  Neurological patients

To restore ADL (activity of daily living) performance & independency with dignity for neurological disorder patients

(4)  Healthy adult

To enhance functional & fitness capacity & achieve optimal harmony between mental & physical condition


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Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd.

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